The Well Now approach supports businesses integrate principles of compassion and fairness among staff and in business practise. It can be introduced under the umbrellas of staff wellbeing and equality and diversity/human resources.

Well Now course

The Well Now course offers a surprising new approach to weight and wellbeing. We explore nutrition, self-worth and shame, understanding emotional eating, the bigger picture of health and more. There are 8 sessions of 2 hours each. Handouts and suggestions to support follow-on groups are provided. 

Kindful Eating and Nutrition Education

Dieting takes its  toll in all-too-human human terms of misery, shame and food-preoccupation. We may see or experience this for ourselves in the office every day. We can only guess at how this drain on self-worth, focus and mood subsequently impacts productivity, morale and absenteeism/presenteeism.

Introduce staff and colleagues to a new, compassionate way of thinking about food, weight and wellbeing for every one’s sake!

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Resilience and Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace

How can we create corporate cultures that cultivate group resilience and optimise mental wellbeing? This workshop explores and rejects the individualistic view of resilience in favour of a more connected understanding. This new perspective recognises how context and life history impact our health and world view, an insight which facilitates personal and collective change. Significantly, this shift supports compassion and critical thinking, the ingredients for a fairer world.

Equality and Diversity: Size Awareness

In the current anti-fat climate, identifying and addressing size discrimination is becoming increasingly significant as a human rights and workplace issue. Fat stigma in (and beyond) the workplace leads to bullying and unfair treatment raising urgent issues for employees and trade unionists working for equality.

This workshop explores size as a diversity issue. We will investigate science and stereotype around body weight focusing on how this is relevant to the workplace. Participants will leave with greater understanding of how to promote size equity and address unintended bias. They will be able to discuss size with regards to equality, disability and occupational health and know how develop workplace agreements on size discrimination.


Well Now was developed as a way to make the world a kinder, fairer place to live in. It does this at a personal level by fostering compassionate self-care. When we learn to be warm and understanding with ourselves we are less likely to judge others harshly too. This means that, at a group level, Well Now cultivates curiosity before condemnation, sowing the seeds of peace. It also strengthens body awareness, resilience and respectful relationship. “Promoting body respect and health-gain for all” is an ambitious aim and requires a far-reaching approach to embed change. Ask me about the Wayfairer scheme if you would like to explore how to integrate Well Now values throughout your organisation.