For Individuals

The approach I developed is called Well Now. Well Now helps people let go of body shame, grow in self-worth, and end their struggles with food and weight.

Well Now is suitable for people of all shapes and sizes who want to feel more relaxed about food and confident they are doing the best they can to take care of themselves. It is relevant for people managing diet-related conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, IBS, gut problems and PCOS. I am pleased to offer support for people with a range of issues: such as weight concerns, yo-yo dieting, cravings, eating disorders, body shame, IBS, constipation, digestive problems, coeliac disease, depression, PTSD.

Well Now works by helping people find ways to be kind and understanding when looking after themselves. As part of this it supports people to listen and respond to body signals like hunger, taste, energy levels and emotions. It helps people keep food in perspective by remembering other factors that impact our health and wellbeing. Those who have spent a lifetime battling ‘unhealthy eating’ habits find this gentle, holistic approach effective when swallowing nutrition facts has failed them time and again.

I also have relevant professional and life experience for working with particular groups of people. This includes people from the LGBTQ community , Quakers and athletes and dietitians with eating issues. And I work with family members supporting children and teenagers with issues around eating, wellbeing and body confidence.