Dietitians for Social Justice

Welcome! We are a group of dietitians and others who are passionate about ensuring work around food and health builds a fairer, safer world for all. We want to support and educate ourselves and others as we work together for change across the whole food web. We believe that bringing ‘social justice thinking’ to nutrition talk changes how we think about wellbeing, kindness, equality and accountability and that this will influence the conversations we have in other areas of life too.

 This article  outlines why we need to move away from models of health promotion that focus on behaviour change to models that recognise how having rights, and power, impact wellbeing.

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Advancing Awareness and Equity – Planning for Fairness : ‘Best practice’ in the development of any new policy, initiative, service or information would include an Equality and Diversity Impact Assessment to ensure that the work we do does not discriminate or disadvantage people. Many organisations have their own EQIA processes, but we have developed some key questions to help.