Commissioned Works

  • Poems to commemorate and celebrate

A unique gift that is both precious and affordable. Partnerships, retirement, anniversaries, weddings, thank you, birthdays, burials and any out-of-the-blue prompt that moves you to let someone know how special they are to you.

  • Response

A poem that talks-back to your painting, sculpture or other art work or artefact.

  • Commentary and archive

Capture the energy and process of your conference or workshop in a poem.



Poem Sequence:  a sample from a collection of poems written in response to observations, conversations and reflections at a UK Maths Conference. 


massively intuitive with

elegant conjectures and

beautiful exuberance we

are brilliant company

(projective symmetries could hold

the answer to a universe). imagine.

reassuredly objective, we know

mistakes matter: though sometimes

assumptions go unchallenged for

a while they will be found out

there is no room for opinion

there is not one Black






(After Alan Turing, who invented the computer, and committed suicide after being forced to have oestrogen injections because he was gay/because of homophobia)

all an intelligent machine needs is programming

completely in keeping with what is pitched proper

for instance, let it not see self-similarity and compute love



Poincares’ winning entry for the Acta Mathematica contained a critical error. When corrected this subsequently led to highly influential work on celestial mechanics.)

To describe the paths of three bodies

in mutual gravitational interaction one

needs a feel for error. I put this to you.

All flawlessness foreshortens us. Some

simple pose. Impossible to hold or solve

precisely. Prizefool! Truth lies riddled

with scars – ugly furrows – star-tethers

hauling sharpness into vision.



I came here because certain

things are unknowable   one

can never get to the end of never

pain knows its own infinities

counting the cost of

              : the tongue as a lost digit

              : the strings we attach

              : the way things add up

things add up  I hope one day to close my eyes

blankly and have nothing incalculable figure