Poetry Feedback

The Naked Dietitian

“I have had the good fortune of watching Lucy perform the Naked Dietitian. As a dietitian, I know that poetry isn’t something that is typically used to understand the work that we do. Poetry is different than the studies and evidence that we are used to relying on to serve patients and clients. Perhaps that is why The Naked Dietitian is so moving. The Naked Dietitian speaks to the human stories that we all carry with us into practice and that we hear from our patients and clients. Watching Lucy perform her poetry makes the insights she is sharing all the more powerful. I was moved by her performance and recommend it to anybody, but especially dietitians. I think that as dietitians including poetry as part of our evidence-based practice can help to widen the different ways that we might connect with those we serve.”
Jennifer Brady RD
Lecturer in Dietetics, Mount Vincent University,
Nova Scotia, Canada

“More time spent listening to Lucy’s raw, honest and impassioned words, her deep understanding, and her embodiment of this critical work will serve those who would enter this world well.”
Kathy Porter, Chair, Collaborative Global Initiative, LLC
British Columbia, Canada‬

“The Naked Dietitian is an impactful performance poetry piece.  Lucy conveys her passion for social justice through skillful use of the spoken word with a clear critical scientific stance.  She challenges the taken for granted norms of the dietetic world, yet offers something intensely personal as well as professionally informed.  When combined with a writing workshop this gives profound freedom of expression and creativity as well as for participants to be fully themselves.  I recommend Lucy’s work to any audience or individual wishing to be simultaneously met where they are with compassion and challenged to think outside of the box.”
Michelle Oldale
Nottingham, England

The Naked Dietitian – Spoken Word and Workshop in Coventry Peace Festival, November  2016

“My friend, two daughters and I arrived not really knowing what to expect from this event … and we left feeling inspired as well as encouraged and nourished (and I don’t just mean by the delicious cake).  
Lucy has that special knack of being able to run a creative workshop in which everyone feels able and comfortable to get involved as much or as little as they want to.  Lucy led us through a series of activities around connection – with others, ourselves, our stories and our bodies – from conversation starters, through reflective and creative writing, to chocolate tasting!
And, wow! ‘Dear Body’!  What an amazing piece of performance poetry delivered powerfully with passion and compassion.  ‘Dear Body’ tackles the uncomfortable issues of judgement (of self and others) and highlights prejudice and social injustice not just in the wider, cultural sphere but in the personal, societal arena challenging those ingrained beliefs that we often take for granted.”
Ruth Coward
Psychotherapist and Celebrant

What I came to say – “My Body” poem  

“Lucy performs with such raw humanity, every word hits home and resonates with a powerful emotional energy. It’s impossible not to feel moved by the experience. ‘My Body’ is a love song to the self which stays with the listener long after the performance is over. Time and again this poem moved me to tears. . . Lucy fiercely delivers both deeply personal and universal truths. It is not just “My Body”, but every body.”

Katie Stephens, Performance Artist,

Workshop at the inaugural ‘Dietitian as Artist’ event, Dietitians of Canada annual conference, Montreal, 2010

“This was truly transformative for both individuals and the profession. I went to the poetry session with Lucy Aphramor. She is sensational'”.

RD, Workshop participant