Introduction to Kindful Eating for Wellbeing Practitioners March & April


Course: Introduction to Connected Eating for Wellbeing Practitioners

Venue: Church Stretton library

Dates: 21st & 28th March; 4th,11th,18th April 2018

Time: 10am -12 noon


This course is designed for wellbeing practitioners, such as yoga and movement teachers, holistic therapists, counsellors. You will learn an approach to nutritional wellbeing that makes sense of science, honours the mind-body connection, pays attention to real-life circumstances, and keeps the bigger picture of health in view.
As such it is especially relevant for anyone whose work touches on mood, lifestyle and body image. Find out how to respond confidently to client’s weight concerns and queries on healthy eating so that you foster compassionate self-care grounded in body awareness for personal and social transformation.

Dates: 21st & 28th March; 4th,11th,18th April 2018

Information: Nutrition for Wellbeing Practitioners