Kindful Eating Adults (for practitioners) 12th & 13th October, London


Kindful Eating Adults (for practitioners) 12th & 13th October, London

Venue: The Food Chain, 345 City Road, London, England, EC1V 1LR

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Course facilitator: Lucy Aphramor

A two day course for nutrition and counselling professionals working with adults with eating and weight concerns.

Learn how to help people move on from body shame and yo-yo dieting to make peace with food and their bodies. The approach is suitable for clients who struggle with eating including people with nutrition-sensitive conditions including diabetes, heart conditions and so on.

Part 1 explores the theory supporting  a shift to Kindful Eating within an  evidence-based approach focused on health-gain and body respect for all known as Well Now. We will consider how to integrate non-behavioural determinants of health into the clinical conversation. When we are aware of how social factors influence health our interventions are more ethical, effective and scientifically robust.

Part 2 translates theory into practice. Kindful eating integrates mindfulness, acceptance and compassion to help people break the diet cycle. We also explore how social contex t, dietary habits and beliefs, body responses and emotional factors impact food choices. A focus is on supporting people to regain a sense of control and ease around food, feel confident in choosing foods to meet nutritional needs, and rediscover the pleasurable eating. Kindful eating is effective in improving dietary quality with measurable benefits on mental well-being and is therefore also relevant in eating disorder prevention and recovery.

By the end of the course learners will:

  • Have improved critical thinking skills relevant to weight science
  • Know how to translate the theory of compassion into practice
  • Understand the key principles behind kindful eating and connected eating
  • Be able to support practice decisions in healthy weight using an ethical framework
  • Know how to support clients around emotional eating
  • Know how to teach nutrition from an embodied perspective
  • Have skills to help people identify and use body responses eg. hunger, fullness
  • Understand the pivotal role of self-worth in promoting self-care and body confidence
  • Understand how to respond to social determinants of nutrition-sensitive diseases

This course is endorsed by the Association of Nutrition for CPD.

Dietitian Lucy Aphramor developed the concept of kindful eating as part of Well Now practise. She is recognised internationally for her work integrating compassion and social justice into nutrition work.

£300 (2 days) 9.30am-4.30pm
Early bird £280