Your Group

Would you like to book me to run a tailored workshop for your group?

Small groups offer the advantage of sharing learning with other people in a similar situation or with common interests. You might know each other as athletes, dancers, performers or have a shared interest in exploring Well Now in relation to teaching, therapy practice, health activism, coaching, parenting and so on. Or the group may be linked by an interest in managing gut symptoms, finding peace with food, getting to grips with GI, building body respect and so on.

The headings below give an idea of topics.  

Nutrition Education 
This helps people sort out what’s true and what’s not in nutrition messages. It’s for anyone who is confused by ‘healthy eating’ and who wants to be more confident in their food choices. This is a group is for the bewildered, the curious, for recreational athletes, for people managing mental health issues, with hectic lives, or experiencing any other challenges where you think dietary change might help. 

Nutrition Education for Health and Performance
This group teaches nutrition with health and performance in mind. It is tailored to endurance athletes and explores how eating can help optimize training gains in the real-world where we are balancing job, family and other commitments. We briefly consider weight science and then look at eating for wellbeing and performance in more detail. We consider the nutritional value of food alongside eating behaviours and attitudes. The approach taught recognizes that sharing nutrition facts alone is often not enough for sustained change in habits. Instead, it is also important to help people work out how ‘tuning in’ to their body can support them to use the new information in practice in their everyday life. 

The Kindful Approach to Gut Problems 
This is for anyone who is watching their diet to help manage gut problems and who is interested in exploring if strengthening mind-body connection might also help. We will briefly consider how the concepts of mindfulness, compassion and acceptance link to gut health through metabolic pathways. We will explore a number of activities used to enhance body awareness that can be easily practiced at home.

Body Confidence for Parents and Guardians
An opportunity to identify, and learn how to address, some of the thought patterns and beliefs that lead to perfectionism, troubled eating and body shame. We will also explore current theories in helping children learn how to feed themselves well, and the role of body trust, and adult responses in this.