Transmuting trauma through food and body stories


The twin beliefs ‘health needs justice needs peace’ and ‘you are worthy of respect’ are at the heart of my approach, Well Now.

Well Now envisions a world where no-one is starved of food, company, dignity or security. My expertise is in helping people cultivate health and justice, personally and socially.

Well Now offers a radical, realistic and rigorous approach to transforming the way you relate to food, knowledge and bodies to catalyse deep change. Whether you want to build a fairer society, make sense of your eating, finish a brilliant PhD, grow in self-compassion or improve your clinic’s outcomes, I am ready to support you to champion the needs of peace and wellbeing, now.

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Why Well Now?

Imagine a world where no-one is starved of food, dignity, company or security. Where no-one wakes up ashamed of themselves, dreading their next binge or being insulted for what they look like. Where people from different social backgrounds have similar opportunities for meaningful lives and health inequalities are a thing of the past.

In this imagined world, everyone has access to food as a right and it is possible for everyone – including People of Colour/Black people, fat, queer, and disabled people, to go walking or wheeling without being shot at or ridiculed or missing a shift. Of course, access to food and activity are only one part of the health jigsaw, the rest belongs in policies that foster compassion, address climate justice and build a fairer world.

My work with Well Now as a dietitian and a social action poet is committed to realising this dream.

The linked problems of nutrition confusion, body shame, health injustice and planetary crisis won’t be solved by telling people what to eat and not eat, to diet or not diet, or love your body. It needs a practical response that addresses the deep roots of these problems, one that can be put into action straight away, and this is Well Now.

My poetry works as social action because it bears witness to lived experience, my own, and other people’s. The visibility, validation and sense-making are vital to collective action, and contribute to individual healing.

Change is possible. It starts with us deciding not to accept the ways things are and then figuring out what to do differently. In strategizing for deep transformation, I theorised Well Now, took to the stage as The Naked Dietitian and began to speak new truths.