Coaching and Consultancy for Scholars and Policy Writers

Could you use some help thinking through theory as you write up your article or Masters’ thesis? Does the idea of coaching input as you being drafting your PhD proposal or new policy strike you as a welcome idea?

Let’s talk! I am passionate about supporting robust scholarship in whatever we do. Being clear in how we join the dots between what we’re saying and what we want to enact and communicate is a pivotal step in building knowledge that can effect deep change. I am a civic intellectual who is also a radical dietitian and performance artist. In plain English – that means I am thinky and wear several hats. I work freelance, mainly outside of academia though sometimes I teach in universities and I am often invited to deliver keynotes at conferences.

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Coaching and Clinical Supervision in Healthcare and Talking Therapies

Healthcare and counselling professions strongly attract people who want to make a lasting difference to other people’s wellbeing.

I use coaching and supervision sessions to create a safe space for creative discussion about your practical and ethical dilemmas, confusions and challenges – and to celebrate change. My aim is to support and inspire learning, accountability, clarity and compassion.

Most of my work is coaching but we can structure sessions as supervision/clinical supervision if that’s what you need. In the way I work, a key difference between supervision and coaching is that a supervisory relationship has a more formal structure. This means we’d use part of a first supervision session for you to explain your mandate and we’d plan how to work together to meet it.

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The Practical Bit

I offer online zoom appointments. These cost £120 and last for 50 minutes.

If finance is a barrier please get in touch, I’m happy to discuss.

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