Well Now Autumn 2020

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Activity One

Starches and sugars in foods effect the body :

  • as they influence blood sugar (fast or slow release) which then influences
  • emotional resilience
  • alertness
  • energy levels, vitality
  • insulin resistance/insulin spikes
  • depending on whether the carbohydrate impacts on gut health through moving food through the gut and altering gut bacteria (microbiome)
  • by impacting on teeth
  • they occur with other nutrients like vitamin B12 and iron in fortified breakfast cereals, B vitamins in wholemeal products
  • through intolerances and allergies in some people
  • and they have important roles in cooking foods as they impart distinctive tastes and give foods desirable textures

Starchy foods serve as staple foods the world over. Similarly, sugary foods are traditionally associated with celebration and pleasure.

Activity Two

The Hunger-o-meter



Activity Three

Strengthening the Compassion Muscle 


Activity Four

The Magic Biscuit 

Activity Five

More on Body Signals and Sensations


Activity Six

Fancy That? 


Activity Seven

What are you hungry for?


Activity Eight

A Reminder to Go Gently

Remember, some of these questions might land deeply and feel unsettling. It’s fine to be unsettled – we need this for change to happen. It’s also true that there’s a point at which we can be too unsettled to engage with learning, which clearly isn’t helpful. We need a steady place in ourselves to return to (the body awareness exercises will help with this) as we adjust to new ways of being with food, emotions, knowledge and so on. small cat sat showing belly facing forward on sofa 

The most important thing for the learning and healing that’s happening here is that you explore your feelings and beliefs. This means being able to engage, and this means pacing yourself.  Don’t worry about doing everything that’s suggested, amount doesn’t matter. It’s more important that you can be present with whatever you do, even for a short time and even for a tiny amount.

Last question, what are you looking forward to? Have you got any treats planned? If not,  now is a great time to put something in your diary!  

See you soon ~