Well Now Learning Circles

Well Now Learning Circles are for collective healing, knowledge creation, and developing leadership.

My take on learning and healing is that they are interconnected. By learning I mean ‘learning for liberation.’ For me, this implies that we are building scholarship that supports us in living well together and hence also strategizes for social action. Another outcomes from getting people together to learn is to develop leadership – an idea that I have often read in Black scholarship.

Well Now Learning Circles are spaces for deep discussion and risk taking. There might be an overall theme that brings people together but on the day the topic we talk about is decided by whoever is present. Groups are grounded in Well Now values which means when/if we screw up we support each other to figure things out and model repair, and move on changed.

I held three Well Now circles last summer and each had its own character and yet was also recognisable as a Well Now space. Big thanks to everyone who took part.

Groups are kept to 6 participants.

They are offered at entry level and momentum level.  The levels refer to your familiarity with liberatory thinking, whether this is via Well Now, or any other ethos or practice. 

When? Tuesday June 22nd to Tuesday July 27th

Momentum Learning Circle: 3.30pm – 5pm UK time  For people who are already familiar with critical ideas. Again, as a commitment to fat liberation if we’re talking about fat bodies we use the term fat and don’t use ‘the o words’.

Standard Ticket: £300 – Buy Now
Supporter Ticket: £350.00 – Buy Now

If you’re in a low income country please contact me for equity pricing.

Future Learning Circles

If you are interested in a future Learning Circle called Helping While Struggling please let me know. This will be for anyone working around healing and eating (counsellors, dietitians, body workers, fitness coaches, etc.) who is struggling to make sense of their own feelings of body shame given their intellectual commitment to body respect.

If you’d like to join a Learning Circle but the timing doesn’t permit this, please let me know what would work. Thanks!