What Is Scientific Imperialism. October 5th to December 21st. Cost: £440.


12 Week Online Course


An online course over 12 weeks.

Zoom calls are Tuesday October 5th to December 21st. Cost: £440.

First lesson released Thursday 30th September 2021, first live zoom call Tuesday 5th October.  Final live zoom call Tuesday 21st December.

Who is this for?

The course is designed to explain and explore the concept of scientific imperialism focusing on how it presents in the western public health system.  It is a compilation of what I have learnt as a white UK healthcare professional learning to spot and uproot white supremacy.

We’ll look at what scientific imperialism is and how it links to white supremacy, why it matters, and how to change things. The lessons consist of guided activities and links to reading, videos and other resources that you engage with at your own pace. This means it is suitable if you are new to engaging with this sort of concept and also if you’re already familiar with critical thinking. If you’ve got a history of involvement in racial justice work there might not be anything new.


You’ll receive an email link to an online lesson on Thursday.

There is a weekly live zoom call on Tuesdays 3.30pm – 5pm UK time.

Captions are available. Please let me know of any access barriers.


The sort of topics we’ll explore include

  • what supports deep learning
  • what is scientific imperialism
  • (how) is BMI racist?
  • what is coloniality
  • ‘decolonization is not a metaphor’
  • where does evidence-based practice fit in
  • what is white supremacy and how does it shape the public health system
  • troubling materialism
  • reframing public health
  • Indigenous wisdom*
  • African Centred Perspectives*
  • a language for inter-connectedness and social change

* I approach these topics as a white non-Indigenous person. This positionality and my education means that I am not claiming to have expertise in Indigenous wisdom or African Centred Perspectives. What we will engage with is how they have been impacted by scientific imperialism and what this means for knowledge creation and human and non-human flourishing. If Indigenous wisdom or African Centred Perspectives are your specific interest another course by a BIPOC teacher would be more suitable.

A core commitment I have as a teacher is making learning practically relevant to work for personal and collective healing and social change (health-justice).

Cost – £440*

UK people, I would be grateful if you could pay by BACS if possible. Please email me for details. Thank you.

* Assumes direct payment. For company invoicing please contact me.

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